Tutoring in
Des Moines

Our tutoring and enrichment sessions are perfect for students who just need that extra attention outside the classroom. These sessions offer the flexibility to focus on one subject or all of your child's homework for the night. Our expert tutors will walk them through the problems and show them new ways to approach the task at hand, so your student feels confident with the topic and equipped with the skills to solve problems they'll experience in the future.

Some Topics We Cover:

  • Chemistry Tutoring

  • Calculus Tutoring

  • Algebra Tutoring

  • Geometry Tutoring

  • Pre-Algebra Tutoring

  • Pre-Calculus Tutoring

  • Physics Tutoring

  • K-5 Math Tutoring

  • Spanish Tutoring

  • Reading Tutoring

  • Biology Tutoring

About Our Tutoring/
Enrichment Classes

Lessons are broken down into one-hour sessions. We spend time discussing the topic with your student. What are they having problems with? Is there a specific step or type of problem that confuses them? We then work WITH them to get to the root of the issue. Instead of talking at them, we work together on our whiteboards (kinetic learning) to guide them when needed and actively develop the skill during our lesson. This active teaching/learning style builds the skill, while teaching them how to ask themselves questions that allow them to teach themselves and become lifelong learners. We also show alternative methods, visualizations, and strategies that help them discover their preferred approach.