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Are you looking to raise your SAT score to get into your dream school or earn better scholarship and financial aid packages? We pride ourselves on providing exceptional SAT test prep delivered in one-on-one sessions for personalized attention and maximum results. In fact, you can see many of the schools our SAT prep "alumni" have attended after their time with Des Moines Learning Center by clicking here.

Our SAT prep courses go far beyond just solving short-term problems or finding “SAT test hacks”. We focus on the underlying issues, while also finding some easier fixes for urgent needs. On top of that, we teach stress management, time management, focus strategies, and study skills.

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About Our
SAT Prep

Lessons are broken into one-hour sessions. We start by focusing on topics that allow your child to make the quickest improvements in their score, while working on any gaps in the basic skills necessary to build upon their current knowledge. For each hour, we focus on one test section for a focused learning approach. As your child continues test prep, lessons become more focused on specific topics within the testing subjects where we see the biggest need for improvement or largest opportunity for an improvement in score. In addition to testing subject matter, we provide a range of test taking strategies that suit your child’s skills and needs.

About the

The SAT is a standardized test used for college admissions in the United States. The SAT has four sections: reading, writing and language, math (no calculator), and math (calculator allowed). Like the ACT, there is also an optional essay. The SAT score range is 400-1600.



38 Questions, 55 Minutes


52 Questions, 65 Minutes


1 Prompt,
50 Minutes

(No Calculator)

20 Questions,
25 Minutes

& Language

44 Questions,
35 Minutes

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