About the Des Moines Learning Center

Des Moines Learning Center is a locally owned tutoring center located off 128th St. and University in Clive, IA. We pride ourselves on providing a holistic, personalized approach to teaching your child. Whether it is standardized test prep or general homework help, we focus on providing each and every student with the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to excel in and out of the classroom. Our goal is to grow your student as a person and an academic, so they are equipped to overcome challenges they face well beyond their time with us.

Our Teaching Style

When teaching, we encourage active discussion and participation with our students. We do this by practicing on the board together to visualize the problem at hand, potential pitfalls of an approach, and alternate perspectives or methods. We have been told that we love our analogies (guilty). We find that tailoring lessons and tying them to each student’s personal pursuits and hobbies increase retention, while inspiring confidence in the students. By building these connections between diverse interests and promoting enjoyment of the learning process, our teaching style promotes lifelong learning and prevents students from becoming frustrated and falling by the wayside on their road to success.



Proud alumnus of North Central College in Naperville, IL with a bachelor’s degree in Physics. Andrew started tutoring in 2013 and specializes in Math, Physics, Chemistry, and ACT/SAT Prep. Andrew uses his career experience to show students the real world applications for what they’re learning. Andrew enjoys seeing the confident, relieved looks when students “get it”. In his free time, Andrew loves spending time with his dog, watching golf and baseball, digging into various sabermetrics, and running/cycling.


Office Manager

Record holder for most consecutive months as Employee of the Month. Skills include: sit, lay down, shake, high five, and hugs. Harper loves to help students learn by providing moral support during lessons. She’s either sleeping, eating, or playing fetch. World’s Biggest Fan of belly pets. Harper loves treats, especially from students after their lessons.